Canyoning Strubklamm

€ 95,- per person (adults)

The Canyoning in the „Strubklamm“ is a swimming and jumping canyon, it is deep, powerful and demanding.  There are a few abseils which are 10 meters high and countless jumps, mostly 3-4 meters high.  The highest abseil is approximately 14 meters.  The swimming is  challenging, the canyon is approximately 1m wide with 150 meter rock walls towering on both sides.

Who can participate:  You must be able to swim nd have a sporty condition, canyoning experience is prefered, you need to have no fear of heights and be able to jump at least 4 meters into the water.

REQUIRED: swimming ability, athletic condition, swimsuit and towel, and an adult chaperone for youth under 18.
Minimum height: 160 cm
Minimum age: 16 years

Total duration of the tour: 7 hours (about 3 ½ to 4 hours in the gorge).